Thursday, October 11, 2007

Drat. I do that every Fall.


Anonymous said...

Haha! This is so true! Or, put another way: wool sweater + dryer = thrift shop.

Also, every now and then, my teenage daughter and I have to deal with: gum + dryer = yuk! What a mess!

Dave Culbertson said...

Um, I actually did that once in college. I needed a wool sweater dry for going out late one night. Before leaving for work, I stuck the sweater in the dryer for just a few minutes then totally forgot about it.

I called the frat house about 2 hours later. When my sweater was pulled from the dryer, my brother called me back - "dude, this can't be your sweater - it's tiny"

I had managed to shrink my brand new sweater down to Chucky size.

Anonymous said...

uuuuuuughh, I hate when that happens.

dryer + nanny from Guiana (SA) who grew up without electricity = doll sized sweaters and no one to yell at (she was FABULOUS with the boy)!

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