Thursday, July 10, 2008

Careful, those claws are sharp!


Anonymous said...

makes me wonder if this is an assessment of you?

RT (Panzer Time!) said...

I've got a feeling it's not.

Anonymous said...

i have a feeling you are talking about a billion dollar dog?

Jenn said...

More like

"scorned by women and loved by men"

Bret said...

That is so me.

KAPUNA said...

Christie Brinkley perhaps?

A Paperback Writer said...

Maybe, but if you filled in the circles with "average," "chubby," and "Middle class," then the "scorned" intersection would have to be MUCH bigger.

Juliet said...

I love this blog! So cool.

I think that this is probably true. I think that anyone with insecurities can be harsh on people who seem to "have it all."

And in our screwed up society, if you're thin, rich and beautiful - you have it all. You can be selfish, stupid, smart, whatever - the rest doesn't much matter.

Problem is, money and looks don't necessarily equal love... and without love, nothing in life is worth anything.

Unknown said...

From that cornerstone of responsible financial reporting, the New York Post, on June 16.

AIN'T THAT A BITCH:Maltese female Trouble, out for a walk in Florida yesterday, must survive on a $2 million trust fund.

June 16, 2008

Leona Helmsley's pet pooch, Trouble, is going from rich bitch to good dog by throwing a $10 million bone to charity.

A Manhattan judge quietly reduced the notoriously ill-tempered canine's $12 million trust fund and signed off on a deal to pay the late billionaire's two disinherited grandchildren $6 million amid allegations that Helmsley wasn't mentally competent when she signed her will.

Anonymous said...

WTF, I just found this blog and began thinking I love it... until this.
Why is it a good pastime to decprecate chubby girls (who can be just as hot or hotter than their thin counterparts)?

-a LimeGreenSquid fan

Anonymous said... is this deprecating chubby girls?

Why's everyone gotta hate on this one? Even things *referring* to thin, pretty, rich chicks are scorned!

I think it's great! Good for you!

Anonymous said...

Deprecating chubby girls? Stop eating so much paste and you won't be chubby.

.. and it'll take care of your delusional problem, too.

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