Wednesday, February 06, 2008



Anonymous said...

shouldn't it be inverted?
boys don't think
girls do karate

Thoughtful Review Guy said...

And my sister-in-law *still* has her daughter do dance & gymnastics.

Jeruza said...

Nope. The more girls know karate, the more guys will have to think twice (or get their ass kicked).

In my case, it's Muay Thai, but stil applies perfectly. He.

Anonymous said...

Sadly, girls who know karate are still assaulted all the time. It's just not a practical form of self defense in an actual street attack.

Nil Zed said...

dave, street attacks are not the usual way girls end up doing what they didn't want to do. martial arts training can give them confidence to tell a guy to back off, or confidence to walk off.

Anonymous said...

hear hear.
likelihood of being abducted by random psycho = low
likelihood of being assaulted by known & *TRUSTED* person = high

karate pretty much rocks. i'd suggest that if you don't think it's practical, you're not doing it right. i learned that when i changed styles!

Anonymous said...

why are women so scared of men? we just need a hug every once in awhile to be tamed.

Anonymous said...

Caillou - I see your point. The more guys think twice, the fewer girls that need to know karate.

However, the point is that the more girls that know karate, the more guys will have to think twice.

Mina Adlerhaus said...

Best way against assault "Use ur mind" and 'name the behaviour' and 'delegate'. If the threat is persistent 'run' if its too late 'be as violent as you can be to your predator' go for 'eyes' 'balls' and 'throat' ...self defence lol. just a thought!

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