Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Of course, next year it'll be different.


Anonymous said...

Is this chins earned or chins owned?

Parker said...

I hate to be a stickler, but isn't "Chins" a discrete quantity? Would the plot not have to start at 1 and then increase in steps of 1 as servings increase?

Anonymous said...

holy shit, this gets me every time! here is my secret note to you passed under a desk:

i see your post, and i laugh, usually a lot, and i give you props in my head, for your imagination and effort and dedication, i mean really, you are quite extraordinary... and then i click on the comments expecting a bunch of "ha ha"'s and smiley faces, but more often then not i see people trying to convince you that you're wrong, or that you should add something, or that you didn't put the right value on the right axis, or my favorite - waxing poetic and or analytical and or philosophical (holy shit, get lives people... you're nuts!).

and then, as far as i can see, you never comment on it. you never say a word about all these sad little people expressing their sad little psychosis in a forum for your art... you're just... nice. what the hell?

so my rant is to say that i think you're awesome. and to thank you for making so many of us smile (we're out there, we just don't post comments for fear of stating flame wars we haven't the time nor energy to finish...)

thank you!

-some girl out there

Jake said...

"Some girl out there," I could not agree with you more. All these people that post little technicalities about things that are wrong like parker did, that's just totally ridiculous. I'm a stickler for details, but all these comments you always get are simply overboard. It's FUNNY people, okay? Who cares if the graph isn't 100% correct? Number of chins increases with number of servings. That is seen from the graph, so WHO CARES if the number of chins is an integer number and "increase in steps of 1 as servings increase"? I hate to be a stickler, but shouldn't you spell out the number "one" instead of using the digit '1'? Jessica, I love your site and read your comics almost religiously. Thanks for another great one!

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Nerds care. And we nerds find the whole exercise more entertaining because it lends itself so well to critique. We critique because we love it, and because we know it will stand up to being poked and prodded. We critique because that says we know the creator is one of us--someone who sees beauty in technicality

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the thing about this site is that it is so right on. Anyone bothering to say something about a technicality is giving it a compliment. This one should be a step graph, should have discontinuities between each chin...or maybe asymptopes?

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