Thursday, November 01, 2007

Positive reinforcement.


Jules said...

i take it you´re still looking for a housekeeper, or is he the one getting the kisses?

Jessica Hagy said...

Nope. No housekeeper. This card is just a theory.


Mad Monk said...

This is very true in our house.

We have an 11 month old, and my wife says it is an absolute turn on to come home and find the house clean and supper on the go.

We have a lost of stress in our lives, and who knew that a clean kitchen and a vacuumed staircase could bring such love? Shakespeare knew not!

Anonymous said...

Your brain is super sexy.
Hope you find your housekeeper.

Anonymous said...

chores / kisses > 1

Jessica, you're a tease

Anonymous said...

Married in 1972 and I had to wait until now to receive this ephiphany?

This is some fun, though I have to admit to being sometimes deeply puzzled.


j-dub said...

I suspect, though, that if kiss frequency were plotted, as it increased the number of chores would decrease due to, um, distraction.

at least, that's how it is in my house.

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