Monday, September 10, 2007

The water cycle: still going.


Unknown said...


but true...

Thoughtful Review Guy said...

Tap water has dinosaur pee, tears, and swimming-pool water in it? Ew.

Anonymous said...

No, tap water at least gets refined and chemicaled up before it gets sent through the nasty pipes. This is about spring water. Yeah, and you thought that just because it was bottled that it was clean.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous: aquafina is not spring water, but bottled tap water.

Tina Leopold said...

Jessica, what's your stance on folks using an example of your work to link to your site? I read your site regularly and want to share it with folks who read my site. Can I use one of your cards to direct link here?


Jessica Hagy said...

If you want to post, feel free to post away.
That's more than cool by me.


Thoughtful Review Guy said...


marc andré is spot on, hence the silliness of my comment. And the pipes from the water plant to your house are cleaned and tested.

I can't say that I agree with Jessica's politics on this one, but she knows how graphs & diagrams work, so it's still a pleasure to read.

Are you familiar with Edward Tufte? His books on visual presentation of information are absolutely wonderful. Works of art in and of themselves, the books are rigorous and insightful.

Anonymous said...

Maybe this has been asked before, but do you have Hungarian ancestry by any chance Jessica? I am not Hungarian, but I speak it, and I know I've seen the surname Nagy before, which is Hungarian. Also, how do you pronounce it? In Hungarian it would be pronounced kind of like "hodge" (that's only a close estimation, not exact), but I know with Nagy it usually gets pronounced "naggy".

Anonymous said...

Hooray for recycling!

Nice one.

Jessica Hagy said...

@ robert:

My ancestry is (as I've been told) German & English.

My last name sounds like hay-gee (that's gee as in geezer not gee as in gee-whiz).

Pronounciation is hard to write out without the accent marks. Sheesh.


Renegaducator said...

It kind of inspires me to think we're drinking what was once dinosaur urine...or more accurately, that when everything is functioning correctly, the water cycle turns dinosaur urine into yummy clean water.

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