Tuesday, September 25, 2007



Anonymous said...

Not anymore!

Anonymous said...

ha ha! So true... I have a bag of bean paste (enough to last months in one bag) That I mix into my Japanese- Style desperation soup. It's not too bad! =)

Anonymous said...

That was hillarious!!!! I hope everything is ok been thinking about you alot. I hope everything is wonderful (gonna go and peek through some more :D)

Anonymous said...

You are brilliant.

I had an idea for a card...the intersection between circles "Education", "Learning" and "Knowledge" - education alone=all book no larnin', learning alone=curiousity, knowledge=street smarts; education+learning=front row in class, (etc etc etc). Anyway...it looked cool in my head.

Anonymous said...

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Ken Rodoff said...

You get a lot of anonymous comments. Why is that?

When I was in college, I often attended Mad Dog and Velveeta parties.

Yummy in my tummy.

You know what I find really interesting: anonymity in blogs.

Let's be honest: you sure seem quite bright and tuned-in. In any other medium, you would be known.

I find your blog amazing, but I' also quite disconnected in the fact that beyond a link to buy t-shirts, not much else is known about you.

Have others expressed curiosity about you?

You're talented. Usually, talented people get recognized.

Why are bloggers so hidden and cryptic? That's a general, gosh-can-you-help me sort of question, not specific to you.

Anonymous said...

Good idea. :)

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