Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The money's in the treatment, not the cure.


Anonymous said...

haha funny how an outsider sees it. my dad, a higher up in the company sees the ocmpany as doing the right thing in taking it's product off the shelves while pfizer leaves a product even more hazardous to your health off the shelves (if this post refers to to the vioxx case).

also, have you heard of gardasil? three shots blocks a person from contracting HPV (an STD) which is the cause of 70% of cervical cancers. a product that carries such an incredible benefit to sexually promsicuous people (aka youth) needs lawyers to defend from people trying to exploit ridiculous claims of "causing the death of someone in the family". *sigh*

Anonymous said...

sorry "pfizer leaves a product even more hazardous... ON the shelves"

A Paperback Writer said...

Well, this is one of those posts that just cuts right through all the crap.
Well done.

Anonymous said...

i know right? sad state of affairs... this is too close to my heart to laugh at - but i admire your astute wit!

Anonymous said...

Kind of cuts through the crap. Salk was good at marketing, not that great at science. His vaccine would have been dumped because of dangerous clinical trials if not for the better science of Sabin. And Salk and his institute haven't really come up with anything new in, what, 50 years?

You can use what Salk invented and I'll use what Merck invented.

Anonymous said...

I've always wondered why health insurance companies don't get into the "cure" business. If there's a choice, that is.

Anonymous said...

"Salk and his institute haven't really come up with anything new in, what, 50 years?"

Dollar for dollar, I'd say the Salk is producing much more than Pfizer or Merck.
Although, the whole thing is a bit of comparing apples and oranges.

Anonymous said...

this Salk?

Anonymous said...

Here's a story. Once upon a time a Dr. had a practice, used to see alot of people. Like Mrs. Smith and little Mikey. Little Mikey had this ear ache problem for years.
Dr. decided that after his son got out of medical school he would help the practice. Dr. took a vacation and the son took over while dad went of Vacation.

Mrs. Smith shows up with little Mikey, with same ear ache again. Son of the Dr. looks in the ear and sees a tick in the ear, and removes it. Mikey feels great and goes home.

Dad comes back from vacation and asks how its going. Few weeks pass, and Dad asks son where Mrs. Smith is with little Mikey. Son states, "Oh ya, saw them and found a tick in the ear and pulled it." Dad was livid, stated "Why the hell did you do that? How do you think I sent you to Medical School?

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