Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Study hall of shame.


faye said...

this is unfortunately, very true. wonderful, Jessica :)

Anonymous said...

The SAT is crap.

But there's nothing wrong with an SAT tutor. Just like there's nothing wrong with a math tutor.

zestyjester said...

hehe, i love the title. 'study hall of shame' as for anonymous up there... the SAT is not 'crap' it just requires a few functioning synapses :)

thanks again for the giggle. yay indexed :)

Anonymous said...

I've gotta say there is something wrong with an SAT tutor. The SAT is supposed to test your overall knowledge, not your ability to take a specific test. Math tutors teach you math, not how to pass math tests. SAT tutors should not exist. Vocabulary tutors are fine, as are writing coaches, as those are both real-world skills. Passing the SAT is not a real-world skill.

The Secret's in the Shirt said...

it's truuuue.

many schools are further and further disregarding the SAT scores of prospective students.
some schools don't even require that SAT scores be submitted anymore.

and SAT tutors or classes are wicked expensive. Kaplan costs several hundred dollars. i almost used the program, and then decided against it.

and i still did better than my friends who doled out the bucks.

Anonymous said...

I go to a school that has more asians than any other race. to us , SAT tutors= good college = approval from asian parents.
We also have the asian fail, anything below a B or in some cases, an A- is considered failing by some of our parents.

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