Thursday, May 03, 2007

First impressions shouldn't be the last ones, though.


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Love it. You rock :)

Anonymous said...

probably should have posted this one right above the dna one.
keep it up.

Kits said...

I really liked this one..don't know..something abt it touched me :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, of course, we can all have differences in how we feel and think about things, and we should not reject someone because of a difference.

That’s a great message, but beyond that, I don’t follow you with your use of music, love, and current events.

1st Those aren’t really feelings.

2nd Our “feelings” about things like love and current events can be, and often are, wrong.

Saying that everybody is right is not the way to get along. Can’t we care for people who are in fact wrong? Can’t we stand up for something that we know is right, without contradicting ourselves?

Anonymous said...

person above me, you are wrong.
but i still care about you.

Anonymous said...

I response to person above, who says I'm wrong.
I'm glad that you are sticking up for what you believe is right, and that you are willing to say that someone else’s feelings, like mine, are wrong. While at the same time caring for me...

However, don’t you contradict yourself, when you say I’m wrong?


If you care for me, please graciously and explain how I’m wrong, instead of tearing down what I said, without any justification or support for your statement.

Maybe I’m wrong in an interpretation of what the card meant or something, but please explain.

Anonymous said...

"However, don’t you contradict yourself, when you say I’m wrong?"

correct, hence the intentional irony of my statement. i think you need a little more humor in your life. these are clever, and these are funny.

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