Friday, April 20, 2007

But I'm just fine. Right, Honey? HONEY?!?


seeds said...

Its the other way round for me.
The more I think about other men buying pills, the more confident I am about my fully-functional-willy.


Anonymous said...

I vote backwards too (assuming everybody gets same amount of V-mail):

Male-function insecurity (more y)->
viagra mail = useful (less x)

Male-function security (less y)->
viagra mail = spam (more x)

And thinking about others' difficulties to help avoid needing Viagra?

Jaap said...

Although I agree with a positive relation between the spam and the rate of insecureness, I think that it is a logarithmic relationship instead of exponential. I doubt if it'll really matter if you receive 1000 or 10.000 spam mails..

Wolfger said...

I think it should just be a vertical line. You will get a metric crapload of viagra spam regardless of your personal sense of "security" or, indeed, regardless of your gender.

shiftone said...


Did you happen to read the name of the blogs author? But glad to know your wang works.

Webby said...

Men should receive as much spam based on how much sperm they have. But let's not forget about the dogs!

I mean we've done it for humans, why not dogs!?

Who cares about cancer?

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