Sunday, March 11, 2007

They look so innocent.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I just ate a whole tube of thinmints.

Alexander Wolfe said...


Chef JoAnna said...

I *WAS* one of those girls!

...but I didn't ambush people outside the grocery store, (those girls are evil!) I went door to door and busted my ass selling, then delivering those cookies... for WHAT?

Oh, yeah, I got a poop-brown bandana as a prize because I sold the most in my troop. A bandana. Yeah.

Sandra said...

Like Joanna, I was one as well.
The only good thing about Cookie Season was the cookies.
The price went up a couple years ago to 3.50 per box. Did the troup get any more money per box when they sold em? Doubt it.
When I brought cookies at these booth sales this year, I asked what the troups planned to do with their profit. A trip to Savannah was common, along with maybe a beach trip or two. THere was a Raleigh NC trip as well. The brownie troops ambition was to have an overnight in a hotel ( a nice one, with pools, and room service, and...)
I think the brownie troop had the best chance of suceeding.
Mk. nuff from me.

Anonymous said...

This is brilliant! (Sandra -- when did Brownie troops ditch camping trips in favor of hotel stays? Things certainly have changed since I was 7. Dammit).

Anonymous said...

There was just an article in newsweek about this!

Anonymous said...

Having just delivered over 200 boxes with my daughter I thought this was priceless. Just so everyone know, they are now $4 per box and I don't really know how much the troops actually get - but who cares, its a good excuse to eat cookies.!!!

Anonymous said...

Mmm... Samoas.

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