Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A present for Mac users!

The very kind and talented web-master Mau Sandoval (who just happens to run a web design and development studio) has built for you an Indexed dashboard widget!

Now you can scroll through all the Indexed cards from the comfort of your OSX desktop.

Hooray for people like Mau who just decide to help out random strangers like me.

Go here and your widget will download auto-magically.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Jessica!

You deserve that, and then some.

Best of luck on the book deal.

Keep us posted!

Regards, Mau.

Anonymous said...

...and there was much rejoicing in the Mac world!

Anonymous said...


If you create a widget/blidget over at, I'm sure a lot of folks would syndicate your content on their own blogs. I know I would!


Anonymous said...

No more Safari -> RSS Feed !!!

Just F12 XD

All the best on the book deal too =)

justin said...

you just made my week :)
i can't wait for the book, seriously.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jessica! Just perfect: your creativity in a nice white box with apples :)

Unknown said...

bless you, darlin'

Anonymous said...

Awesome. Now we just need a Yahoo Widget (Konfabulator) version for all of us PC folk.

Mau, how bout it?

Anonymous said...

Travis: Yes, I am in the process of figuring out how to create it, that's my next step. =)

No one can should left out!

Anonymous said...

Cool, I can't think of a blog better suited to having a widget!

Anonymous said...


A Yahoo Widget to feed us all will be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Keera Ann Fox said...

Great! Thanks! (And now you get to discover how many Mac-users read your blog. ;-) )

Jessica Hagy said...

As for the safari, RSS feed thing, blogger doesn't let me post using Safari anymore either. Gotta hop to Firefox.

And the feedburner feed should still be good to go.

Meg said...

Love the new Widget. Can't wait to tell everyone at my Apple store about it.

Weird about the Safari posting thing, I've never had trouble.

Eric said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice!
good luck w/ your book ;)

aa said...

How sweet it is!!

I'll be looking for the PC version.

Toast Radio said...

A Yahoo Widget would run on Mac and Windows... that's the one that should have been done first!

Not that I'm biased or anything.   ; )

Anonymous said...

thanks mau for the widget.

thanks jessica for the indexed and for my new favorite word, auto-magically.

Toast Radio said...

A Widget that works on both Macs and PCs running Yahoo Widgets 4 is available here:

Indexed Widget

It's re-sizable, has animated card transitions and gives notification in the Widget dock when new blog posts have been made.

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