Sunday, December 10, 2006

You need something?


Aron said...

Shouldn't your axis be reversed on this one?

DaoLin said...

The two 'you's on X- and Y-axis should perhaps refer to different people for the case of philantropist, as s/he needs interaction with other people to prove to be one.

Then one could discuss the curve itself.

It is problematic to put hedonist & philantropist into the same diagram.


Anonymous said...

It's all about the needs of these two personalities. The slight curve to the lines indicate:
Hedonist- always needs just a bit more than is available to satisfy the need to please self.
Philanthropist- always has just a bit less than needed to give to others which pleases self.

Hans Mundahl said...

Hey - you have t-shirts!

Congrats - that's cool. I couldn't help post an homage here

Anonymous said...

i think the line for hedonist should be straight up so that no matter how much money the hedonist has the % s/he needs will always be constant and at the extreme of y.

regardless if s/he is a hedonists, the less one has the greater the percentage of that money you need.


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