Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Moses rode a triceratops to the promised land?


Anonymous said...

Noah's Ark must have been huge.

Anonymous said...

Noah's Ark must have been huge.

Anonymous said...

Eek! Double post, sorry.

Please delete.

Micah Hoover said...

As soon as Natural Science can start telling us about what love is, we should take it seriously.

Anonymous said...

the_burning_bush, do you reject "natural science"? Gravity is not a convincing concept?

As for love, I hear norepinephrine and dopamine play a role. Science has studied love, from chemistry to fanciful conceit to intense evolutionary bond, and I'm not sure what you're offering, but science has some persuasive findings on the matter; that is, if one is a fan of rationality.

Great card, Jessica.

Alke said...

@bwg: Isn't that why triceratops are extinct? Because the Ark wasn't huge enough?

Melissa said...

I once got in trouble in Sunday School for asking where the dinosaurs were in the Bible. I was 7. Trouble from me opening my mouth continued from that point on, including up to the present.

Micah Hoover said...


I do not reject natural science. In fact my job is classified as "Engineering Scientist" (although I work with computers most of the time). I just don't take the empirical method seriously.

As for the norepinephrine and dopamine reference, I will take it seriously when it can explain love. In some ways it is like Flannery O'Conner's heart surgeon who does not understand the true human heart.

If one is a fan of rationality, one is essentially disqualified from understanding love. Love is mysterious, paradoxical, and cannot be examined by the outside observer. These traits are alien to empirical observation.

It's all in Kierkegaard.

storm indigo said...

Exactly! I was always the one to ask the 'wrong' questions in catechism classes. Which is ironic since by definition catechism means a series of searching questions on any subject.

Great card!

Anonymous said...

have a guess wot's sad?

People that post things on here that arnt abusive, get lives you reclusive nerds.

p.s. I'm only here as I'm bored at work

Anonymous said...

Maybe trouble in sunday school... but not with the Bible. The ark WAS huge, and the ability for younger/middle aged dinosaurs being aboard is not beyond plausibility.

Even better- Theory of Relativity applied to the size and speed of the universe as it expanded: 6 universal days ~ 6 billion earth years? yes. Add to that that the Genesis account could also be translated "And the changing from Chaos to Order was the first period of time set apart for God's use." ^_^

Science + Bible? No contradiction.

Anonymous said...

"Moses rode a triceratops"?

That's Exodus, not Genesis. Well, the Moses part anyway.

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