Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Disposable income and correspondence.


Steve said...

Nice. how about a 'total number of sales reps known' vs 'spam' graph?

Homework62 said...

I don't understand the graphs

Anonymous said...

and how about a pain/suffering vs wisdom graph ?

Unknown said...

Your blog is real fun!! WICKED!!

Anonymous said...

Unless your annual income is so much that you can afford to move house so regularly that the junk mailers can't catch up with you. I've just moved, and am loving this little lull...

Insight Computer Consultants said...

Homework62 - How can you not understand these graphs? They are so easy, a blind man could work them out!

Anne said...

Let me throw a few facts and figures at you, like the uber-nerd that i am. According to reduce.org, the USA is inundated with 4.33 MILLION TONS of junk mail a year. Thats 32 lbs. of it for each man, woman and child. Yes, thats an average. Seems less junk mail is the only good thing about being poor. Theres a good website for advice called Do-It-Yourself: Stop Junk Mail, E-mail and Phone Calls. Sorry, i dont know the url, but im sure you can google it. Nice blog, BTW. :)

Anonymous said...

One thing that is wrong with almost all your graphs is that the independent variable is on the Y-axis, and the dependent variable is on the X-axis on the Cartesian plane. This should be the other way around.

For example, where you put:

/\ Age of dog
| ----------
| /
| |
| \----------
amount of salliva

it would be:

/\ amount of salliva
| |
| \ /
| \ /
| \ /
| --------/
age of dog

That makes it much more comprehensible to anyone who's ever made or read a graph about relations between two things.

(Unless that's the whole joke.. in which case I don't get it.)

More on this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Visualising_scientific_data

IQpierce said...

Yeah, only those few and strange economist wannabe-mathematicians use the "controlling variable on the Y axis" crap.

For the rest of the sane world who's learned to read a graph, if you want to say "the amount of junk mail you get increases in direct proportion to the amount of income you have", then you put INCOME on the X axis and JUNK MAIL on the Y axis.

This graph reads as "your wealth increases as your amount of junk mail increases", which is untrue for everyone except this guy:

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