Wednesday, August 30, 2006

I should feel guilty for this one. But I don't.


Anonymous said...

Dude: Did you really went to a Private Catholic School?

Jessica Hagy said...

Yeah. And I survived.

Anonymous said...

I went for 12 years too.
As a survival guide I discovered that:
The blood is just red wine. (One glass per week).
The stories are quite na├»ve. (Grimm Brother’s stories are as equally bloody and are told in daycares and kinder)
The chanting is taking just one hour per week. It’s optional to attend. Did you know that?
Immaculate Hart of Mary is for girls-only!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm Catholic but found it funny. C'mon, we have to have a sense of humor (though there is much more to the faith than what you probably learned). Teaching can be good or bad in any thing we do in life. Your honesty is appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Haha there's a new-ish private school just opened up here that's called Immaculate Heart of Mary. So this made me laugh.

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