Thursday, August 24, 2006

Because, of course, some Prince is on his way.


Anonymous said...

i can so very relate to D ... fresh out of college ... :-)

Anonymous said...

Ha, Great

Anonymous said...

This diagram says that if you are Snow White, and also at the same time you're Sleeping Beauty, and also at the same time you're the Little Mermaid (you have Multiple Personality Syndrome?) then you'll be unemployed. But if you're just Snow White alone (or just SB or just TLM), then you're guaranteed to have a job.

So only mental patients lack jobs? Every sane person has job?

This diagram doesn't mean what you think it means. Apparently you're a little unclear on what a Venn diagram is. What you meant to draw were 3 non-instersecting circles (one for each person), then one giant circle that encloses all 3 (the unemployment circle). That would be a way of saying that those three people have something in common: unemployment.

woonie said...

It just shows what all 3 of them have in common. nice.

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