Thursday, February 01, 2007

What's A? B,C & D are extra credit.


Ricardo said...

your blog is clever - brilliant in part.
i have taken the liberty of adding your blog as a favourite blog link on my blog site, wake up tiger.

LuccyInTheSky said...

LOL Love it!

sammyray said...
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sammyray said...

A = genitalia

B = Colonics

C = The Bible

D = Paris Hilton

Brennan C. said...

B= Single Philanthropist.
C= Schizophrenic.
D= Dropped out of high school for failing gym class.
A= Optimist.

stunt_penguin said...

Tsk Tsk!

A is obviously Spaghetti (western).


Rico said...

A = Clint Eastwood
B, C, D = What sammyray said

Anonymous said...

A = Clint Eastwood

B = Steve Buscemi

C = Martin Lawrence

D = Rob Schneider

Anonymous said...

Do I win? See above, see below:

Airway Control = Protect the Airway

ruidh said...

D: Dog the Bounty Hunter
C: Verinica Mars
B: Ugly Betty
A: American Idol Outtakes

Will said...

A math assignment!

I'll have to get back to you on this one...

axegrinder said...

A - Michael Jackson
B (Good-Ugly) - Mother Teresa
C (Good-Bad) - Christian Rappers
D (Bad-Ugly) - Ying Yang Twins

Irie said...

A = America

B = Bush

C = Colin

D = Dick


Chaucer's Bitch said...

Michael Jackson, hahahaha!

Sophie said...

C = Fairytale plot

B = Fairytale sidekick

D = Fairytale villain

A = Real life

hampus said...

A=America in Iraq

Anonymous said...

A - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
B - Mystic River
C - Fist Full of Dollars (or) For a Few Dollars More
D - How the West was Won

cyan said...

A = the Queen.

Krista said...

Sophie's right on.

me said...

A - pubic hair
B (Good-Ugly) - duct tape
C (Good-Bad) - coffee / candy
D (Bad-Ugly) - anchovies

me said...

ps - props to axegrinder... michael jackson takes the cake for 'A' lol!

Miss Maverick said...

A = porridge
B = chicken livers
C = chocolate
D = tapioca pudding

Thomas Exciting said...

B=Electric Cars
A=Powered by the price of oil

Constantin said...

C - Introducing New Features
B - Debugging
D - Procrastinating / Delaying
A - Programming / Software Development


Samir said...

A: America
B: Hollywood
C: India
D: Iraq

Hans Mundahl said...

Hey check it out - Le Grand Content based on Jessica's work is featured on the top of Youtube today!

Dave-o said...

A = James Brown, late in his career, naked. Didn't know about the etra-funky triple-testicle, did ya?

Anonymous said...

A= Pekingese puppies
B= My first car, a 1985 crown vic ltd with a VINYL top!!!
C= Chocolate
D= All my exes

undersupervised said...

A = snot
B = craigslist
C = suri cruise or frances bean cobain
D = mcmansions

Mike said...

C = The facts of life

this was said...


this was said...
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Orhan Kahn said...

A = The Shield

Paul Echiverri said...

D - Scantron
C - Final
B - Philosophy
A - Impossibilities

mUdd said...


Salvador said...

I just came across your blog. Brilliant!

hfm said...

just A

guminadrag said...

B (good and ugly) - Gimli
C (good and bad) - Boromir
D (bad and ugly) - Balrog
A - Gollum

PenQ said...

A=Clint Eastwood, Actor
B=Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
C=Margaret Hamilton
D=Clint Eastwood, Director

A= The Metro
B= Garden of Eden
C= Pan's Labyrinth, Spain
D= Pan's Labyrinth, the labyrinth

Anonymous said...

A= Micheal Jackson

Anonymous said...


Tropo said...

B - Mammograms
C - "Medical" marijuana
D - Working in retail
A - Haggus

Tropo said...

^edit to above^

A - Dr. House

Anonymous said...

Good = waking up late on saturday
Bad = having a hangover
Ugly = republicans

Good + Bad =
waking up late on saturday with a hangover

Good + Ugly =
waking up late on saturday with a republican

Bad + Ugly =
having a hangover and encountering a republican

Good + Bad + Ugly =
waking up late on saturday, with a hangover, and discovering that you are in bed with a republican and have no memory of how you got there


Anonymous said...

A = Americans

Anonymous said...

B= Queen Elizabeth II
C= Sufferer from Bipolar Disorder
D= Mike Tyson

A = The rest of us, more or less...

Anonymous said...

A = The Gold

Anonymous said...

D=Flaming Hot

Douglas said...

A = Google
B = Stephen Hawking
C = John McCain
D = Cindy Sheehan

Anonymous said...


Sushi said...

A= The Government

B= PC's (sometimes ugly)

C= Free Software

D= People with no self- esteem

Lao said...


Anonymous said...

B (ugly + good) = lobster
C (good + bad) = oysters
D (bad + ugly) = escargots
A = your prom dress

Shary said...

A: ugly sex
B: that guy I feel real bad turning down
C: good looking assholes
D: gross dudes at bars

Anonymous said...

A = The three Clinton's in the white house again.

Zach said...


Anonymous said...

A= Darth Vader
B= Hellboy
C= The Guy with the Gun
D= Skeletor

Judith said...

A = The character of God on the TNT series "Saving Grace."

organisme credit rachat said...

a nice game

Anonymous said...

A: The Wizard
B: Munchkins
C: Witches
D: Flying monkeys

Anonymous said...


my brain said...

After your book... You should make a parlor game. Seriously. If Apples to Apples sold, this concept should be a no-brainer... I mean, uh, ...nevermind that last bit.

jake said...

D - Cafeteria Food
C - Ice Cream
B - Veggies
A - Bacon

Anonymous said...

B: puking
C: love
D: 3 days old sandwich left in your bag
A : your love puking

Anonymous said...

A=Gene Hunt.

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